We Bet $1000 Playing Golf

I don’t know if this thing is working right because I’m trying to use my son’s camera, but we bet a thousand bucks on golf Currently 8:54 a.m.. Just got down with Coach other last night, but I having this carton. We’re gonna be on our way through the course Gotta get warmed up y’all because it’s been a while top well can only do so much This is a real golf course. This is Bermuda Dunes. I here in California. It’s pretty nice. So I gotta play good hopefully I do cuz I Don’t know if I’m good at golf much a wager my dad.

We’ve had a big beef going on every time I Used to be younger than he used to be able to beat me but grow now Yeah, we got this we’re gonna see what happens, I’ll try to give this Up oh That’s a tree that was a good hit Tia real good Wide right Yep fine I’ll let you slide this to up one stroke That gave me another stroke that I need you right there hero see Let’s see what happens when we get to the end. Uh I never know how to gain my strokes back Just take the dev on that hole again, we’re getting close uh uh I Got you brother stroke on our how’s it feel all pretty good.

Cuz I don’t get all back on one hole. Yeah Four holes four strokes gotta keep working y’all you suck Ah Sure you saw that horrible shot by me But it’s okay because I was down a stroke on my hole he ended up putting twice at the very end which I need is Celine it up tying on the whole very very to come back. That’s all it is I’m coming back right here So I’m still out four strokes after five holes and we’re onto this cease hole right now catch on a minute My father another tie y’all want still have four strokes. I mean I can’t we do it is this your hole right here Yeah, this is your hole You’re straight Suffer those I don’t know this is the 16th. Hole. It’s not grandparents all cuz they’re creepy. It’s right over there All right y’all back to work I ended up in the sand and It’s okay.

We’ll work my way out of this don’t play with a shovel Currently down one stroke one stroke, and I’m about to make it up right here on the green I Need a touch. Oh that’s nice and there you have it people just made it up on the green yet again So we tied on the hole He got me on that hole as a par 3 enough seek strokes on that hole It is what is cause healing at five so I mean It’s not like you just did that much better I’m currently up fine three strokes now We’re going into the last hole right now, so this is for the heart of koala on the dollar in iguana Whoo the boy had heat on it Sure So we’ve up here two good shots down the middle But who hit their shots are farthest me you do it definitely all right well Let’s see when we get there your ball is in the rough One is in the fairway But we’re roughly fair Hey I Think we want to hit it the same exact distance mom which isn’t perfect so at the end of the day I’m a product of this guy brother like so but he stuff like he’s trying to be better than me.

It’s okay You know I understand I don’t think it’s wet straight shot I Think I found your ball good luck, buddy The whole is right there, and that does count as a stroke That was a good Let’s go No, no you see if it is up there on a green. I’m not playing this one Waiting like a champ y’all I gave up. I love the boughs of bugs. This is jacked up, man If you guys like this content make sure you like comment and subscribe I throw good, too I had a really good time behind the tree then in the water Just lose a thousand dollars that they’re easy Several days later. I don’t know if this thing is working right cuz I’m trying to use my son’s camera, but We bet a thousand bucks on golf and so on one called p.m.

And then we’ll see what’s he gonna do later Hope I do this thing right oh No I turn it on There we go I’m going in his room right now Sup Billy, Dee I got your camera I’ll try to figure out how to work this thing you see doing this type name is time Just letting you know I come to pay off my debt from the Gulf So I’m paying you so Hawaii else can say I did not pay you That way they know yeah, cuz it ain’t often you beat me and take my money But you get a thousand bucks on once you get a thousand dollars it was So the story is he he bet me before and he had to pay me and he paid me $500 it was So I’m paying back now you get a thousand bucks it was Right right oh man anyway debts paid Great I told ya you know I’m so jazzed up if you don’t believe me You know plenty more vets to come y’all See you are you I don’t even have much more to say what that being said, this is the end of the video I hope y’all have a great day because I’m having a great day I’ll send you notes to it.

That’s not ladybug hey Just gonna.

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