Trump’s golf caddy just revealed a personal episode

[Music] if there is one thing that president Trump loves more than self aggrandizement it’s golf well almost as much anyway dot th e president spends every available free weekend at one of the multiple golf courses that he owns at considerable expense to the American taxpayer while pocketing the profit for himself he uses his golf excursions to reward his favorite Republican legislators with valuable face time to hobnob with celebrities and sports figures and to fill his executive time with something other than TV watching and tweeting about it knowing Trump’s intimate relationship with the sport Politico just published a lengthy article looking at one of the most sacred bonds a golfer can have his connection with his caddy by Rick Riley a sports writer who has worked with Sports Illustrated and ESPN the article is an excerpt from his new book commander in sheet how golf explains Trump in his political police riley relates the insights into the president that he found from interviewing the people who have served as his caddy a job that provides a close-up look at Trump in the element in which he feels most comfortable social media director dance Covino famously began his career as sixteen-year-old summer caddy for Trump in 1990 at Brier Hall Golf & Country Club the property that is now the trump National Golf Club in Westchester New York so it is a job that can lead to boundless opportunity Trump’s current regular outdoor caddy is an ex-marine in his 60s who prefers to be identified by just his first initials a Jayan who works out of the trump National Golf Club Washington in Northern Virginia in between helping to choose and retrieving the right golf club to take a particular shot a J gets to witness Trump and all his duffer’s glory dot a s one would expect of someone who needs the president’s trust to continued to hold his position a J is fiercely loyal to Trump and says that he has even gotten into fights with other caddies on the course over negative comments they’ve made about his boss

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