The Golf Digest

The Golf Digest

Summary: Golf Digest is perhaps better known for its rankings of “America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses” that featured the best golf course to be found worldwide.

As far as golf magazine in circulation goes, Golf Digest remains the most widely read monthly golf magazine. Made available in print by an American media company Advance Publications, this monthly digest concerns itself on golf topics in general flavor. While Advance Publications do circulate specialized golf digests like Golf for Women, Golf World, and Golf Business, Golf Digest remains their flagship when it comes to the golf arena.

Golf Digest is perhaps better known for its rankings of “America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses” that featured the best golf course to be found worldwide. It was a colossal idea, as one researcher stated, since it promotes those major sponsorships and arrangements at the same time made Golf Digest readily feasible to the reading public if only the information for the best golf course was the collective interest.

Either case, Golf Digest’s rankings of “America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses” proved to be very successful. So successful was it that ultimately, Golf Digest’s biennial rankings are regarded as an actual basis rate as far as every golf course go since its inception at 1985. The Golf Digest’s ratings are considered legitimate too, since the entries are voted on by a board of several distinguished golf experts. The most successful qualifier is the Pine Valley Golf Club, who topped the list every time except on the 2001 ranking.

Golf Digest also produces lists of the best new courses, the best golf resorts, and the best golf course in each state.

Golf Digest Magazine offers tips and secrets in golf equipment, starter instructions an techniques explained in articles and even an instructional video, news and top stories about the present and recent tours, feature articles on just about anything but regarding golf, travel suggestions towards the best golf courses, and of course –Tiger Woods. Golf Digest can also be accessed by web, where online golfing content are available for browsing.

Golf Digest became a branded circulation because it covers comprehensive issues about golf. A few other golf magazines feature comprehensive critiques, commentary, issues, reports, rumors, and stories about golf, all mixed in a flavorful manner. Golf Digest subscription is offered at $14.97 and the first time customer receives two risk free trial issues along with two free tips booklets. If you are interested, call 800-727-4653 which is toll free in the US and Canada.

For those who want to interested, here’s the top 10 of the 100 Greatest Golf Courses for the 2005 – 2006 list.

1. Pine Valley Golf Club of New Jersey
2. Augusta National Golf Club of Georgia
3. Shinnecock Hills Golf Club of New York
4. Cypress Point Club of California
5. Oakmont Country Club of Pennsylvania
6. Pebble Beach Golf Links of California
7. Merion Golf Club of Pennsylvania
8. Winged Foot Golf Club of New York
9. National Golf Links of America of New York
10. Seminole Golf Club of Florida