St. Maarten Golf Course

St. Maarten Golf Course

St. Maarten is a small island with a big reputation for hotels, restaurants, and vibrant nightlife. The island’s thirty nine unspoiled white sand beaches only adds more to the place’s attraction. St. Maarten is a place for people who don’t like crowds, so those who want to get away from all the busy, crowded and hectic life style of the city, then the island is the perfect place for you. Once called the “hidden gem of the Spanish main”, the island still lives up to its name of being a tranquil and isolated getaway.

The beautiful island of St. Maarten also provides each visitor with endless activities and adventure. The modern amenities of the island caters to every interest, from the exciting water sports, to horseback riding, to boating, to diving and snorkeling, to biking, running, paragliding, skydiving, tennis, and golf.

When on the island and needing to relax, a good game of golf is always a great way to do it. For those visitors who are golf fanatics, then you’re in luck because the island has an 18-hole golf course, and the only one at that. The Mullet Bay Golf Course is the only St. Maarten golf course and offers a full 18 holes near several lagoons. An exceptional view of the Mullet Bay is seen from the golf course and the course is just a small walk from the beach.

This St. Maarten golf course is quite a challenging course designed by noted architect Joseph Lee with eighteen holes of pure enjoyment, driving range, putting range, and an exclusive pro shop. It’s a scenic wonder and a challenging masterpiece curving along the ocean, lagoon and hillsides. To play in this St. Maarten golf course is to experience extraordinary splendor that only Mullet Bay can offer the player and spectator as well. This golf course opens daily from 6:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon.

This golf course was an on-site amenity of the Mallet Bay Resort, although the resort itself is closed, this St. Maarten golf course is still operational and the beauty of Mullet Pond and Simpson Bay Lagoon provides for both stunning view and hazards. The green fees of the golf course for players who choose to walk instead of ride are $60 for the nine-hole and $80 for the eighteen-hole. Renting a two-person electric cart will have an additional fee of $8.00 to $18 depending on how many holes on play. Rental clubs cost $21 for nine-holes and $26 for eighteen-holes.

So, for those visitors who want to grab that club, practice their swings, and play all day long, take a challenge on Mullet Bay golf course’s 18-hole championship golf course.