Some Great Golf Courses To Play

Some Great Golf Courses To Play

When you look around at some of the golf courses in Golf Digest or online, you will see that the courses are well groomed and offer different levels of golf. Arnold Palmer is a well known professional golfer who has many golf courses around the country. One of his famous golf courses is the Bay Hill Club and Lodge down in Orlando, Florida. This course is remarkable. This eighteen hole golf course was designed by Dick Wilson with hills and no surprise holes. It is a straightforward golf course that many find very inspirational to the world of golf.

Trent Jones is another designer of a spectacular golf course in Huntsville, Alabama. The Hampton Cove is very different then his Highlands Golf course, but the imagination is still seen. The River course is a delight to play and it has no bunkers to be seen. The golf course is a golfer’s delight and many professionals come to this course for leisure golf if there is such a thing with them. The Hampton Cove has three different courses to play. There course are well groomed and many golfer’s plan their vacations at this golf course.

Whistling Straits in Haven, Wisconsin has been the home to the PGA games. This course was designed on the lakefront and the terrain is somewhat hilly and sandy, but the course is a challenge to play. On a windy day, the winds coming off the lake can be tedious for golfers, but that makes the challenge even greater. Herbert Kohler owns the golf course that was designed especially to attract the PGA tournaments. When the golf course opened, it was necessary to play the course for area golfers and visitors to the area. Everyone wanted to experience the challenge that the course brings. This is a walk only golf course.

Trent Jones designed yet another golf course in the Virgin Islands that has a tropical appeal. St. Croix is where you will find the Carambola Golf and Country Club. This is a signature golf course and has yet more imagination than some of his other creations. Golfer’s find this course demanding in the way of fun and excitement. The golf course does offer a spectacular view as well as a beautifully groomed course. Robert Trent Jones is a master of design when it comes to unbelievable golf courses.

These are just a few favorites when it comes to golf. Every state and county has a golf course that is great to play. For the most part, all the courses are well groomed and offer eighteen holes of golf. You can enjoy a day of golf and then relax in the clubhouse with a few drinks and some stories about why you missed that shot. There is nothing better than spending a day golfing when you take a trip. Many people find this a reason to visit certain areas. The golfing is great and the drinks are wonderful. However, you can be the judge of that when you visit some of the best courses around.