Magnetic Therapy For Golfers When Golfing

´╗┐Magnetic Therapy For Golfers When Golfing

You hear about designer jewelry that not only is beautiful, but it is also giving the wearer magnetic therapy. Magnetic therapy has become quite popular with golfers. The magnetic therapy helps ease aches and pains that might affect a golfer. Some of the great PGA players use magnetic therapy and they feel better and seem to play without having any aches and pains that can affect golfers. Magnetic therapy cannot cure what ails you but it can help the healing process. Many greats in different sports also use magnetic therapy as a way to heal the body in a natural way.

Although magnetic therapy cannot be explained and two studies that were done using this type of therapy were in conclusive, golfers today as well as everyone else who wears these custom made pieces will swear that they help them tremendously. Golfing does cause the body some stress if you do not practice proper posture and swing with grace, but how can having magnets on your body really affect how you feel. Many golfers who wear the magnets when golfing have expressed that the magnetic therapy not only relieves aches and pains from a day of golf, but also helps relieve the pain of arthritis to play a good game.

Two golfing pros who have endorsed magnetic therapy are John Huston and Jim Colbert. These two golfing pros say it helps them, then maybe it has some healing affects. Nobody will ever know for sure how magnetic therapy works or how it helps to heal the body, but as long as golfers find relief, you will see more and more golfers suited up in magnets. The magnetic therapy gadgets came in belts, bracelets, back braces, insoles for shoes, necklaces, earrings and anklets. Out on the golf course, you might not want to wear so much jewelry, but a belt or insoles might work well.

Although golfing greats have endorsed the magnetic therapy, it is not a new concept. It has been around the ancient Egypt times as well as ancient Chinese healers who practiced this way of healing in 200 B.C. It has been said, but never scientifically proven, that magnetic therapy provides relief from swelling and relieves stress as well. Some say you have a peaceful night’s sleep. Golfing does have some stress associated with it, so maybe the magnetic therapy can work. One thing is for sure, the magnetic industry has skyrocketed to a billion dollar industry.

Golfing is a challenging sport and magnetic therapy, however it works does seem to have it place on the course. If there is one thing that can make golfing more enjoyable, golfers are going to buy it and try it. You can use magnetic therapy when you golf and see if it actually has any affect on how your feel or how you play. In some cases, you might be better off with an instructor to teach you some stances and swings to correct any aches and pains you feel when golfing.