How to Tee Up a Golf Ball

There are different heights that you can use to put your tee depending on the shot you want to hit. It is always easier to cut the ball and hit the ball left to right for right handed if the ball is teed off lower. If you want to hit a higher shot or if you want to draw the shot so you encourage a little more hand action so you can hit the ball more right to left you always want to have or tend to put the tee just a little bit higher.

As a rule of thumb if you want to hit a straight shot just move at least half of the ball on top of the club face or the top of your driver and this is going to encourage you to hit the ball at the lowest point of your arc or a little bit up in the arc of your swing. These tips are going to help you move the ball around and make better contact with your driver when you play golf.

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