Golfing on your Trip to Jamaica

Golfing on your Trip to Jamaica

One of the most popular activities for vacations these days is golf, and just because you’re going to Jamaica doesn’t mean that you have to trade your clubs in for a diving suit. There are quite a number of good quality golf courses available for you to use during your holiday through the island. Here are just a few of them:

The most spectacular new golf course in Jamaica has to be the White Witch Golf Course situated in Montego Bay as part of the Ritz Carlton Rose Hall Resort. Here you’ll find top quality service with everything from caddies to golf equipment – and someone (the white witch herself) to blame for all the lost balls and over pars! This course isn’t for the beginner however, it’s more rugged than most, but if you’re looking for a challenge a round or two here will certainly make your vacation memorable.

Not too far from the White Witch Golf Course is the Three Palms Ocean Course which is part of the Wyndham Rose Hall resort. There are a few holes on this course that will make chipping your ball into a bunker or pond look like child’s play as they are so close to the ocean! On the other hand, it’s a small price to pay for a course that not only has breathtaking ocean views, but also ruins and a waterfall as part of its natural backdrop!

The Ocho Rios Sandals Golf & Country club has a nice course for those who are staying in that part of the island. Again, the round of golf is topped off with some stunning ocean views to take your mind of the missed shots!

Although Jamaica isn’t known for its championship level courses, the courses it does have cater for different levels of play from challenging down to beginner – ideal for families. If you aren’t staying at a hotel that has the kind of golfing amenities you’re looking for, ask if the hotel can organize it so that you can have permission to play at one that does – sometimes the hotels have “arrangements” with one another that allow this kind of interaction between establishments.