Golf Holidays In Spain, Courses And Instruction

Golf Holidays In Spain, Courses And Instruction

Golf holidays in Spain are popular year round in many areas. The Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca have favourable weather even in winter for golfing. For this reason, most of the resorts are located along the Mediterranean coast. New courses are being built all the time in these areas to keep up with the demand.

Golf Holidays in Spain, Courses and Instruction

You can find information on courses through a travel agent or online. There is information on course conditions, locations, maps and pictures of the courses. You will also find information on upcoming events and other news from the resort.

Many websites have reviews written by both amateur and professional golfers. Read some that were written by people who have stayed at the resort and played the courses. This will give you valuable information about the resort from the point of view of past guests.

Many golf resorts have an onsite golf school. Professional golfers offer instruction to guests of the resort. Lessons can be done in small groups or privately with the instructor. Small group lessons are less expensive. Some also have golf school for kids. Between lessons, practice your new skills on the practice range.

Most resorts have a golf shop located at the resort. These shops sell equipment and apparel. You can buy anything you forgot to pack at the shop. Some also rent clubs, bags and balls. This is a good option if you don’t want to carry everything with you from home. You can rent what you need at the resort and have less to pack.

A club house at the resort is a nice convenience for guests. This will give you a place to change and shower after your game. Some have a sauna and food service as well as facilities for changing and showering.

Consider the size of the course. Most have either a nine or eighteen hole golf course. Whether you are playing nine or eighteen holes, keep good etiquette in mind. Politeness is part of Spanish culture, so don’t be rude to other groups on the course. Consideration is especially important during the busier seasons.

A common complaint among golfers is slow play by other groups. There is a lot you can do to avoid this. Be ready when it’s your turn to play a shot. Stay just behind the game in front of you to avoid longer waits for the group behind. Play your shot and move on. Mark your card at the next tee. Courtesy to other groups goes a long way toward everyone having a great time.

Other Activities on Golf Holidays in Spain

Consider other activities offered at golf resorts. Entertainment can be found at both hotel resorts and golf property rentals. One thing you will probably want is a pool, especially if you are traveling in the summer. A hotel will have a community pool. A private rental can have either a private or community pool. A private rental will have other conveniences such as an oven and washing machine.

Other Entertainment at Resorts:

o Tennis
o Swimming
o Mini golf
o Spa
o Gym
o Activities for kids
o Day nursery for kids

Another consideration is how close the resort is to other amenities. You may want a resort that is close to shopping and restaurants. If you aren’t planning to rent a car, you will want some of these things in walking distance, or be near to public transportation. If you plan to take part in the night life, you’ll want something near to bars or clubs.